Testing Polarity & Continuity

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During the production and installation of MTP and MPO cables, it’s necessary to verify continuity and polarity on these cables. The OP-Polarity Kit makes it a simple task.

The OptoTest Polarity Kit consists of an OP280, which acts as a source module, and an OP480, which acts as a detector module, and a set of SAVer cables depending on the type of DUT you will be testing. The OP280 has 12 distinct sources, 1 for each channel. The OP480 has multiple channel modes and comes with 4 preset mappings.

To get started the two units need to be powered on. The OP280 needs to be put into auto test mode. To do this you press and hold the mode button until the LEDs start cycling through the channels. To select a mode on the OP480, press the arrow button until you get to the appropriate mode. We’ll select the 12-channel mode.

Once the two units are properly set up, we can begin testing polarity and continuity on our MTP cables. To do this, simply connect the cable up. Once connected, the OP480 displays the result instantaneously. This cable shows up as a type A.

To test another cable, once again, simply connect it up. This cable actually shows up as an unknown, which signifies a fail in either continuity or polarity.

If records of polarity must be recorded OptoTest also supplies a software package to log results. For fast and easy polarity and continuity tests of MPO and MTP cables the OP-Polarity kit is a must have.