Testing an APC to APC Cable Assembly Using a Reference Reflector Cable

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In this video we demonstrate how to test an APC to APC cable assembly using a Reference Reflector Cable.

To reference Insertion Loss, connect the reference cable to the source port and detector and select “IL Ref” and then “Start IL Ref”.


Next, select the RL Ref Option. Connect the reference cable to the Reference Reflector Cable for your return loss reference, when ready, press “Start RL Ref”. The unit will display the reference value and distance from the front panel to the reference point. To set the RL offset, press the right button and select “Calc Zero”.

Once the Return Loss is referenced, press the “Home” button to return to the dual ILRL screen.

Disconnect the Reference Reflector Cable from the reference cable and connect your device under test, between your reference cable and detector. Always make sure to inspect and clean if needed. Return Loss and Insertion Loss results are displayed.

Select the Pass/Fail option to display the results color-coded based on the user-defined IL and RL pass-threshold settings.