OptoTest Breaks New Ground for IEC 61300-3-28 Transient Loss Testing with Improved OP740 Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meters

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OP740 News
OptoTest has announced improvements to its OP740 multichannel high-speed optical power meters, which are now capable of simultaneous data acquisition as fast as 125,000 samples per second with an 8 µs sampling period.

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Video: Optical Power Meter Selection Guideline

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When building a test system for your device under test (DUT), choosing the correct detector is of upmost importance. In this video, learn everything there is to know about the different detector and power meter options out there. OptoTest offers a wide range of Power Meter solutions, from handheld single detectors to 300+ channel custom systems. Explore the different factors to consider when choosing the right Optical Power Meter to best fit your needs.

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Standards Cheat Sheet

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OptoTest Standards Cheat Sheet

Insertion Loss Measurement Procedures


FOTP-171 was rewritten to include EF for all methods.  It still includes overfilled launch conditions, and the mode filter launch conditions as alternatives.Method A:  Single cable reference.
Method B: Two cable method, with a recommendation to measure multimode cabling in two directions by swapping the ends.
Method C: Replacement method (golden cable) for hybrid cable styles.

IEC 61300-3-4

Insertion Method A:  Splice between loss.  DUT is spliced between a length of fiber for the measurement.
Insertion Method B: Single reference cable method.  DUT connected at end of reference cable for measurement.
Insertion Method C: Two reference cable method.  Two reference cables referenced together and DUT connected between them for measurement.

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