Industry Update – Visual Inspection Standard

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A recent update to IEC 61300-3-35 (Fiber optic connector endface visual and automated inspection) is moving forward with the intention to modernize inspection practices and provide more uniform results industrywide.

The updates aim to accomplish three things:

  1. Link visual inspection results to optical performance
  2. Make results more uniform between manual (visual) and automated (software) platforms
  3. Make results more uniform between different automated platforms

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Standards Cheat Sheet

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OptoTest Standards Cheat Sheet

Insertion Loss Measurement Procedures


FOTP-171 was rewritten to include EF for all methods.  It still includes overfilled launch conditions, and the mode filter launch conditions as alternatives.Method A:  Single cable reference.
Method B: Two cable method, with a recommendation to measure multimode cabling in two directions by swapping the ends.
Method C: Replacement method (golden cable) for hybrid cable styles.

IEC 61300-3-4

Insertion Method A:  Splice between loss.  DUT is spliced between a length of fiber for the measurement.
Insertion Method B: Single reference cable method.  DUT connected at end of reference cable for measurement.
Insertion Method C: Two reference cable method.  Two reference cables referenced together and DUT connected between them for measurement.

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