OPL-PRO Fiber Optic Testing Software

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OPL-PRO supports serialized single channel and duplex cable testing for insertion loss and return loss. It features a real-time display and a streamlined approach which makes it the fastest solution on the market. It is ideal for a production environment because it features customizable pass/fail criteria and label printing which allows for efficient and effective traceability and accountability.

Product Features

  • Real-time display
  • Selectable Pass / Fail criteria
  • Serialized Cable Test
  • Bi-Directional Testing
  • Data file in Excel format
  • User configurable setup
  • Auditing trails


OPL-PRO Software available upon request. Contact OptoTest for more information.

OptoTest 32-Bit Driver Install (Win XP/7/8)
OptoTest 64-Bit Driver Install (Win XP/7/8)

OPL Application Software Brochure