OPL-LOG Fiber Optic Test Data Logging Software

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Built on the OPL-MAX measurement and computing core, OPL-LOG also supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing with all the same customization. However, while OPL-MAX is suited for use in a production line, OPL-LOG specializes in performing timer-based, long-term data gathering. To support this, OPL-LOG can control a number of third-party devices such as an ESPEC Temperature and Humidity Chamber and a Fluke Hydra to measure not only the change in insertion loss and return loss over time, but also temperature, humidity, and other parameters. Another key feature of OPL-LOG is the capability to run up to two tests at the same time to maximize the data logging capability of the devices.

Product Features

  • Timer based data acquisition
  • Capture IL, RL, temperature and auxiliary parameters
  • Data in Excel format
  • Programmable Sequences
  • Graphical display of results vs. time


OPL-LOG Software available upon request. Contact OptoTest for more information.

OptoTest 32-Bit Driver Install (Win XP/7/8)
OptoTest 64-Bit Driver Install (Win XP/7/8)

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