OPL-CLX IL and RL Fiber Optic Testing Software Suite

OPL-CLX IL and RL Fiber Optic Testing Software Suite

Industry leading software suite for high volume fiber optic production testing

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 Today’s fiber optic cable production lines must produce at higher volumes and meet stricter quality requirements than ever before. To achieve this, OPL-CLX combines a robust test and measurement engine with a modular structure and SQL database support to create the ultimate testing experience. This software suite is designed to meet the needs of demanding production lines and to grow with you as the industry continues to evolve, all with OptoTest ’s industry-leading speed and accuracy. 


Easy to Navigate Customizable Layout

 Create your own user experience with the customizable windows in OPL-CLX. Move, resize, expand, and minimize different windows to optimize your workflow. As your needs change, OPL-CLX has the flexibility to change with you. 

Simple and Traceable DUT Retesting

Today’s high volume production environments have little room for downtime. A failing DUT can shut down a test station when the operator is forced mid-test to stop and fix it. OPL-CLX gives you the flexibility to perform testing out of order and reload previous test sessions to retest failing DUTs at your discretion. You can also track and set limits on the number of retests allowed.

Test Large Batches of DUTs in Any Order

 Sorting large numbers of DUTs to test them in a particular order can add up to considerable time and expense. OPL-CLX allows you to test batches of cables in any order. Partially completed batches can be saved in sessions to work on later. OPL-CLX tracks the completion of each batch for you, so you can focus on what’s important. 

Export the Data You Need, the Way You Want 

Whether it’s simple labels for individual DUTs or detailed batch test reports, OPL-CLX includes a variety of plugins for data output and reporting to present results the way you want them. Choose from simple, no-setup PDF test reports, Excel test reports with easy-to-customize templates, or use SQL-based reporting for the ultimate flexibility. You can also store results from multiple test stations in a single shared location using the SQL database output capabilities of OPL-CLX. 

New Features & Bug Fixes

Version 1.2
Version 1.1.2

  • Retesting DUTs is made simple and traceable
  • Create and modify test setups without impacting testing
  • Record quality metrics for further analysis
  • Localization makes OPL-CLX accessible to facilities worldwide
  • Make the most of OPL-CLX with SQL database integration
  • Support for bar code scanner use
  • Polarity verification with the OP415
  • Reflection Scan for in-depth troubleshooting
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New Features & Bug Fixes
Version 1.2
Version 1.1.2

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