OPL-740 Software

OPL-740 Software

Customizable solution for high-speed optical power measurements and monitoring high-speed optical discontinuities

OPL740 screen


The OPL-740 software included with the OP740 has two different modes. Mode 1 allows the user to view optical power for up to 24 channels simultaneously. Mode 2 performs user-configurable automated transient loss tests per IEC 61300-3-28 with the OP740 in high speed acquisition mode.


Address and Configure Individual Optical Power Meters

  • Enable or disable individual channels based on testing needs with the click of a mouse.
  • Configure signal level thresholds with green and red visual indicators for passing and failing power levels.

Independently Set Gain Stage and Relative Power for Each Channel

  • The gain stage and relative power within the gain stage can be configured for each channel to maximize the dynamic range in the high speed acquisition mode.
  • Easily configure the optical source level per channel using the visual indicators in the OPL-740 software.

Endless Buffer Extends Measurement Time

  • The OPL-740 software provides an endless measurement buffer, using computer memory to store acquired data for an extended timeframe. No need to fear running out of memory during long-term tests.

Auto Analysis Feature Scans and Locates Areas of Interest

  • The OPL-740 software scans large acquired data sets to find optical discontinuities.
  • Eliminates tedious and time consuming manual scanning to find discontinuity events. Saves time and labor.
OPL 740 screen
Insertion loss and return loss data of a shock event captured using the OP740.
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