OptoTest’s New Insertion and Return Loss Meter — OP940

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Introducing OptoTest’s OP940, an advanced Insertion and Return Loss meter with usability and customization in mind.

With a brand-new color LCD screen and redesigned user interface, the OP940 was designed to improve the customer’s experience without sacrificing any of the quality that OptoTest has become known for.

In addition to the functionalities of the OP930, this new equipment has modes, which allow on-screen pass-fail results and OTDR-style scans, giving more control to the user.

The new display has screens that will show concurrent insertion loss and return loss of one or two wavelengths at a time. If the user only needs to perform one type of measurement and wants to minimize further testing times, the unit also has a mode that solely measures insertion loss or return loss. Additionally, the OP940 has Scan Mode—a troubleshooting tool which will create OTDR-style scans, allowing the user to see exactly where the unit detects large reflections.

The new front panel design has a removable panel for the source connector allowing the customer to
re-polish the front panel connector if it gets damaged saving valuable down time in production.