OptoTest Releases New Functionalities for OPL-CLX Software

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OptoTest is proud to announce the release of new features for the OPL-CLX Software Suite. Since its release, OPL-CLX has improved the already industry-leading Insertion Loss and Return Loss testing experience for customers around the world. Now, multifiber testing in OPL-CLX goes one step further through the introduction of a Polarity Module designed to work alongside the OP415 Polarity Analyzer. Using the new Polarity Module, operators can verify polarity of multifiber DUTs prior to a full IL and RL test. Verifying polarity early in the testing process helps to identify problems more efficiently, saving time and production costs.

New OPL-CLX features also include separate administrator and operator modes, OTDR-style trace graphs, and improved streamline testing. Administrators and operators can now run OPL-CLX with distinct levels of access, effectively eliminating unwanted changes to software settings. The OTDR-style trace serves as an excellent troubleshooting tool for RL testing. The use of barcode scanners is now supported to vastly improve the user experience. These changes make the software more secure and more efficient than ever.

Visit us at OFC in San Diego, booth #4444 for hands-on demonstrations and learn how the new features of the OPL-CLX can help your production line.

OPL CLX polarity screen.jpg


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