OptoTest Releases Continuous Wave Return Loss & Insertion Loss Meter

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OptoTest unveils its new solution for Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) testing, the OP925. As the most cost-effective IL and RL solution in the product line, the OP925 is built to measure IL, RL, and optical power for single mode or multimode patch cords with the level of ease and accuracy that OptoTest is known for.
In a deviation from the existing line of IL and RL test systems, the OP925 is a Continuous Wave RL and IL meter. Return Loss measurements are done through the continuous wave reflectometry method (OCWR or CW), while IL measurements follow the standard continuous wave method. The instrument is fully functional through the front panel, with an easy-to-use display that allows for dual wavelength IL and RL testing. With the introduction of continuous wave reflectometry to the product line, OptoTest is better equipped than ever to match customers to their ideal IL and RL test solution.

The OP925 is compatible with the OptoTest Software Development Kit (OPL-SDK). This allows users to create custom programs to control the OP925 in a variety of languages.

To learn more about the OP925 Continuous Wave Return Loss & Insertion Loss Meter and schedule a demonstration, contact our Sales Team at sales@optotest.com.

OP925 Overview Image

US Flag We proudly manufacture our equipment in our US-based ISO-9001:2015 facility in California.


The New Continuous Wave RL/IL Meter is available now. Contact OptoTest for more information.

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