OP760 Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meter

OP760 Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meter

The Industry’s Fastest & Most Accurate Optical Power Meters

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OptoTest’s OP760 Multichannel Optical Power Meter is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers or anyone requiring high channel counts and measurments. Available with up to 24 individual optical power meters, the OP760 builds on the established reputation of OptoTest’s OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter, offering enhancements including built-in USB and Ethernet communication, and simultaneous power measurements on all channels.

The OP760 is capable of faster than 20ms sampling time over the USB interface. Simultaneous optical power measurement capability enables users to instantly spot a port failure, making the OP760 an ideal instrument for demanding production and lab applications. The high-speed on-demand USB measurements allow for fast feedback to enable active optical alignment for fiber coupling and silicon photonics applications enabling automation of many manual alignment processes.

The OP760 is backward compatible with all software developed for the OP710, making it a drop-in upgrade to existing test systems, and can be easily integrated with custom test applications. Ethernet connectivity makes the OP760 accessible over a network for hassle-free integration into high volume production environments.


Individual Power Meters for Maximum Flexibility

Up to 24 individual optical power meters can be built into each OP760 and are capable of measuring output power simultaneously. Our full range of InGaAs and Silicon detectors can be paired with any combination of connector types to readily accommodate any device under test, no matter the complexity.

Wide Operating Ranges and Spectrums

The OP760 can be configured with both InGaAs and Silicon (Si) detectors, each with its own measurement range and wavelength spectrum. InGaAs detectors are capable of measurements from +6dBm to -72dBm at 830nm to 1700nm wavelengths. Si detectors are capable of measurements from +3 to -65dBm at 400 to 1100 nm wavelengths.

Fast Sampling Time

Faster than 20ms sampling time for up to 24 channels over the USB interface for instantaneous response.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Each detector built into the OP760 provides the precision for the most demanding test requirements. Accuracy for relative measurements is  0.02dB for signals varying a maximum of 5dB. The front panel display has a measurement resolution down to 0.001dB.

Comprehensive Multi-Function LCD Display and Controls

The backlit multi-function display summarizes measurement status at a glance. Monitor a channel or quickly change channels and test parameters using the simple, intuitive front panel controls.

Backward Compatible USB Interface

The OP760 is an economical drop-in upgrade for existing multichannel optical power meters, such as the OP710, in an existing OptoTest measurement system, and can be used with OptoTest software including OPL-Max, OPL-CLX, and the SDK via the USB port on the instrument. This enables manufacturers and others to quickly enhance their measurement capabilities with little setup or downtime.

Universal Adapter Interface

Our universal OPM adapter system readily accommodates industry standard connector types including FC, SC, LC, and ST, as well as universal adapters for 1.25mm and 2.5mm ferrules. This enables any combination of reference and receiving cables to be used for your test process. The OP760 can also be built with BNC ports to interface with OptoTest remote head detectors.

Designed for Maximum Versatility

Paired with a light source and software, the OP760 is indispensable for mechanical and environmental optical deviation monitoring, splitter manufacturing, active optical alignment, transceiver and silicon wafer chip testing, parallel laser testing, and IL / RL testing of multiple connectors. Its simplicity and versatile design allow the OP760 to be readily adapted to your changing needs and test requirements.


We proudly design & manufacture our equipment in California, United States.


Optical Alignment

Silicon Photonics

Optical Signal Monitoring

Temp and Humidity Testing Optical Connector assemblies

Transceiver Testing

Parallel Laser Burn in Testing

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Optical Power Meter 1mm InGaAs 3mm Silicon
Sampling Speed Better than 20ms
Measurement Range ±6.dBm to -72dBm at 1490nm ±3.dBm to -65dBm at 980nm
Wavelength Spectrum 830nm to 1700nm 400nm to 1100nm
Relative Accuracy ±0.02dB
Channel Count -1.5dBm -2.5dBm


Mainframe OP760
Dimensions 42.5cm x 8.9cm x 20.3cm
Power Supply Input: 90VAC … 264VAC; 47Hz to 63Hz Output: 18V, 5A
Dimensions 5-15 minutes
Operatin Temperature 5 C to 40 C
Maximum Relative Humidity* 95%

* For temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.


Detector Size Detector Specifications
IN1 1mm InGaAs detector with 5 /8” Adapter
IN2 3mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
IN5 5mm InGaAs detector with LAAD Adapter
IN10 5mm InGaAs detector with LAAD Adapter
HP 2mm High Power InGaAs detector with 5 /8” Adapter
SI3 3mm silicon detector with 5/8” Adapter
R Electrical port for Remote Head Detector


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