OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter

OP710 Multichannel Optical Power Meter

The versatile and economical multichannel Optical Power Meter

OP710 Optical Power Meter Benchtop/Rackmount Multichannel


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The OP710 offers an economical approach for optical power measurement applications where multiple channels are needed. This versatile instrument is built with individual power meters allowing for unparalleled simultaneous data acquisition over all channels. Its low cost of deployment, scalability, and ease of use make the OP710 an integral part of test systems at every corner of the fiber optic industry, from production environments to research and development.

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Up to 24 Individual Optical Power Meters

Each OP710 can be built with up to 24 individual optical power meters capable of measuring output power simultaneously. These power meters are compatible with our entire standard range of adapters to test any combination of connector types.

Robust Operative Ranges

The OP710 is available with both InGaAs and Silicon detectors, each with its own optimal wavelength spectrum and measurement range. Choose the detector type, size, and appropriate adapter to best fit your application.

  • Measurement range
    InGaAs: +6dBm to -72dBm
    Silicon: +3dBm to -65dBm
  • Broad wavelength spectrum
    InGaAs: 830nm to 1700nm
    Silicon: 400nm to 1100nm
Industry-Leading Accuracy

You can count on each detector of the OP710 to provide the speed and accuracy needed to meet the most demanding test requirements. Measure at speeds of up to 80 samples/second with an accuracy for relative measurements of ± 0.02dB* and front panel display resolution down to 0.001dB.

* For signals varying a maximum of 5dB.

Versatile Applications

When paired with the right source and software, test systems with the OP710 can serve all kinds of functions. Whether you need long-term discontinuity measurement, high variability production testing, or stability measurement, a test system that includes the OP710 is the way to go. As your needs change and you shift to new types of testing, the applications for the OP710 can change with you.


We proudly design & manufacture our equipment in California, United States.


Long-Term Testing
Discontinuity and Fluctuation
High Channel Count
High Variability Production
Stability Measurement
Transceiver Testing and Validation

• Relative accuracy of 0.02dB
• Measurement display resolution down to 0.001dB
• Variable sampling rate via software
• Can be controlled remotely via USB
• Integrated temperature monitoring
• Convenient 19-inch rackmount frame
• Easy to Use

Popular Port Configurations 

• 2 Port OPM
• 3 Port OPM
• 4 Port OPM
• 8 port OPM
• 10 port OPM
• 12 port OPM
• 16 port OPM
• 20 port OPM
• 24 Port OPM

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Automate, customize, and record your tests through software.

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Can be calibrated on-site, in-house or remotely

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Optical Power Meter 1mm InGaAs 3mm InGaAs 5mm InGaAs 10mm InGaAs 3mm silicon
Measurement Range +6dBm to -72dBm
at 1490nm
+3dBm to -72dBm
at 1490nm
0dBm to -65dBm
at 1490nm
0dBm to -55dBm
at 1490nm
0dBm to -65dBm
at 980nm
Wavelength Range 850nm to 1650nm 400nm to 1100nm
Selectable Wavelength Standard wavelengths (850nm, 980nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm) Standard wavelengths
(650nm, 850nm, 980nm)
Measurement Resolution (Display) 0.001dB
Absolute Accuracy ±0.25 dB at calibration conditions for all NIST traceable wavelengths
Measurement Speed Up to 80 samples/second
Measurement Linearity (Relative Accuracy)
Deviation ± 0.05dB +3dBm to -65dBm at 1490nm 0dBm to -65dBm at 1490nm 0dBm to -55dBm at 1490nm 0dBm to -45dBm at 1490nm 0dBm to -55dBm at 980nm
Mainframe OP710s
Dimensions 19” Rack Standard: 16 ¾” x 3.5” x 8”
Power Supply 90VAC … 264VAC; 47Hz to 63Hz; 0.7Amps (115VAC) 0.4Amps (230VAC); Fuse: T1A, 250V
Warm-up time 5-15 minutes
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Maximum Relative humidity* 95%

* For temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.

IN1 1mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
IN3 3mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
IN5 5mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
IN10 10mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
HP 2mm High Power InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
SI3 3mm Silicon detector with 5/8” Adapter
R Electrical port for Remote Head Detector
  • OPL-CLX multifiber connectors with production applications with database integration
  • OPL-Max multifiber connectors with production applications
  • OPL-Log optical datalogging for temperature and humidity
  • OPL-7 measure the power output on all channels of the OP710
  • OPL-PowerRT simultaneous insertion loss testing on multiple channels
  • SDK create custom software and integrate into existing systems through the DLL library
    (Labview®, Visual Studio® & Python® are examples of the most commonly used development packages.)


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