OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere

Advancing the World of Fiber Optics™

OptoTest’s OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere is designed as a cost-effective solution for optical testing of fibers terminated with high-density connectors such as MTP®/MPO or bare fiber. The Integrating Sphere works by reflecting and evenly distributing the light over the entire surface of the internal cavity, making Insertion Loss (IL) measurements stable and repeatable with low polarization dependence.

The screw-on design is ideal for implementing into new or existing Test Systems to accommodate up to 72 fibers and can be used with OptoTest 3mm detectors for remote heads and OP940 front panels.

Click here to see the selection of adapters available for all common connector types including MTP®, 1.25mm, and 2.5mm.

Product Features

  • Uniform distribution of light on the detector results in superior accuracy

  • Operating range (+20dBm to -50dBm)

  • Interchangeable between detectors without affecting accuracy or repeatability

  • Interfaces to existing 3mm detectors, front mount or remote head

    • Adapters for all common connector types including MTP®, 1.25mm, and 2.5mm Magnetic connections on the adapters make them easily exchangeable
    • Built-in screw hole allows for optional added rigidity
    • Bare fiber adapters available for simplex or ribbon fiber
  • No calibration of the sphere needed


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How to set up the OP-SPHR