OPL-CLX Software Suite Overview Video

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OPL-CLX combines a robust test and measurement engine with a modular structure and SQL database support to create the ultimate testing experience. In this video, learn more about what makes this software suite ideal for production style IL/RL testing.

OPL-CLX was developed with the measurement operator in mind. Here are just a few of the features that make this program ideal for production style testing.

Scan a barcode to begin testing and print results automatically to create a simple and continuous workflow

Technicians can search for and launch sessions created by supervisors with a batch of serial numbers and work order information pre-loaded and ready for testing.

DUTs within the test batch are neatly organized in a list and results can be recalled by selecting a DUT. If a DUT fails, testing can continue. When the failed DUT is repaired, it can easily be recalled and retested.

If only a few fibers or connectors of the DUT have failed, then only those failed connectors can be retested without needing to retest the entire DUT.

If issues arise, OPL-CLX has a reflection scan mode that allows the user to visualize the reflections and analyze the cable setup for possible issues.

OPL-CLX has various data output formats for the test results.  An excel based report can be customized to create presentable reports for your customers as well as detailed labels for the finished product.

OPL-CLX can also be configured to output all data to a central database so that results can be analyzed from any location on the network.



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