OPL-CLX New Features & Bug Fixes – Version 1.1.2

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The OPL-CLX is now even faster and easier to use. Here is a list of new features and enhancements added to increase the ability to customize and optimize production workflows while maintaining the speed and accuracy expected.

New Features & Bug Fixes Version 1.1.2


DUT Modification

Quickly change basic parameters in existing test session templates to accommodate new or different Devices Under Test. Easily modify pass/fail criteria, pass/fail criteria names, DUT part numbers, and DUT descriptions. No need to create new test sessions for similar DUTs.

Session Synthesizer

Session Synthesizer tool leverages users’ existing test libraries, making the creation of new test sessions a snap. Simply select connectors and instrument sets from your libraries and apply new or existing pass/fail criteria to compile and synthesize new test sessions.

Synth Files

Predefined Synth File templates can be loaded into the Session Synthesizer to make test session creation even faster.

Updated Default Layout

Measurement data is now the main focus when OPL-CLX is launched.

IL Reference Only and RL Reference Only Buttons

New workscreen controls save time during the referencing process and bring these crucial steps front and center.

Improved Order Information Window

Updating order data for batches of DUTs is now easier and more convenient.

Enhanced Report Generation

Additional controls enable generation of summary style test reports for previously tested DUTs.

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OPL CLX 112 update Image2
OPL CLX 112 update Image3


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