OP940-SW Multichannel IL & RL Meter

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The multichannel OP940 is an internally switched Insertion Loss and Return Loss meter designed for testing ribbon cables and multi-pin termini.

This unit incorporates the same features as the single channel OP940 models, including a color LCD screen, an optical reflectance scan mode, programmable PASS/FAIL for user-configurable test criteria, and On-screen context help. It measures RL quickly and accurately without the need for mandrel wrapping or the use of index matching gel.

By making use of a wide dynamic range for return loss measurements, the OP940 is able to adjust for attenuation in the reference setup, which results in the most accurate Return Loss results in the industry.

To minimize downtime on high volume production lines in case of optical end-face damage, the front panel design has a removable panel for the source connector allowing the customer to re-polish the front panel connector if it gets damaged.

By integrating a high-quality MEMS optical switch, the multichannel OP940 is able to quickly and accurately test multichannel cables. It can be built in numerous channel counts from 4 to 24 channels, and is available in Single Mode, Multimode, and FTTX variants. Paired with our OPL-Max software, the system can test a 12-channel MPO cable in less than 40 seconds.