OptoTest Breaks New Ground for IEC 61300-3-28 Transient Loss Testing with Improved OP740 Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meters

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OP740 News

OptoTest has announced improvements to its OP740 multichannel high-speed optical power meters, which are now capable of simultaneous data acquisition as fast as 125,000 samples per second with an 8 µs sampling period.

Incorporating up to 24 individual optical power meters in a compact unit designed for rack-mounted or benchtop use, the improved OP740 is ideal for monitoring high speed optical discontinuities and surpasses the IEC 61300-3-28 transient loss standard and military standard 1678-2A for fiber optic component qualification.

The OP740 is driven by the included OPL-740 software for automated, user-configurable IEC 61300-3-28 transient loss tests. The OPL-740 software also enables users to monitor optical power for up to 24 channels simultaneously, addresses and configures individual optical power meters, and incorporates an endless measurement buffer for extended testing times.

Auto analysis capabilities built into the OPL-740 software can scan large acquired data sets for optical discontinuities, eliminating tedious manual scanning and substantially reducing time and labor costs.

The OP740 features USB 3.1 communications for high-speed data capture and transfer, and easy connectivity. Its backward compatible design makes incorporating it into existing test systems simple and worry free.

A full color configurable touch screen on the front panel summarizes measurement information for up to 24 channels at a glance, and allows for quick modification of test parameters.

Available with InGaAs or Silicon detectors, including remote head versions, the OP740 features OptoTest’s Universal OPM adapter system. Any combination of FC, SC, LC, and ST connectors can be readily accommodated, as well as 1.25mm and 2.5mm ferrules via universal adapters.


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