Multichannel Environmental Test System

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The Multichannel Environmental Test System OP-METS is ideal for testing insertion loss and return loss on fiber optic cable assemblies and connectors that are deployed in industries such as telecommunications, data center, military, aerospace, and entertainment production. OptoTest equipment features mandrel-free return loss and MEMS switches to maximize ease-of-use, speed, and repeatability.

OptoTest systems meet or exceed requirements from most fiber optic testing standards such as GR-326 and Verizon, and are the most stable and accurate test equipment on the market.  Systems can be configured for various different requirements, including long-term testing for changes in temperature and humidity and ultra-fast sampling for shock and vibration testing. Systems can be built to meet any required launch condition specifications, including Encircled Flux (EF), Overfilled, 85/85 and 70/70.

OptoTest OP-METS are completely customizable and tailored to meet the exact testing requirements of the project, including configurations built for single mode or multimode, unidirectional or bidirectional testing, or more custom equipment designed to accommodate unique connectors, fiber types, wavelengths, and/or channel counts.

The OP-METS can be used with OPL-LOG, a data-logging software that controls OptoTest’s units as well as select temp/humidity chambers and data acquisition units, such as thermocouple monitors.

OptoTest OPLLOG Measure

Results for insertion loss, return loss, and temperature are graphed in real time and saved to an Excel file for further analysis and traceability. Another unique feature of OPL-LOG is its ability to run two tests simultaneously, allowing for short term testing while a long-term test is running. This allows our customers to combine the most accurate measurements, the fastest channel-to-channel switching time, and the most stable test equipment on the market with an easy-to-use software application to control the tests and export and interpret data.

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Upon request, the OP-METS can be built into a 32U rack enclosure.



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