MTP Cable Testing

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You will be utilizing your laptop, your standard MTP cleaner, the test cable you will be testing, stand-alone scope, your MTP to MTP mating adapter, your HPR-MTP reference cable, your OP930 multimode switch unit and your RIN10 power meter.

Take your reference cable MTP remove the dust cap. Take your MTP cleaner utilizing the adapter on the front. insert the MTP key up on the adapter, rotate to clean your MTP interface.

After you clean your MTP reference cable you insert it into the MTP adapter for the visual scope. Using the knobs to adjust your focus and you are able to slide from left to right or right to left to visually inspect every channel on the MTP.

After insuring that the interface of the connector is clean, go ahead and mate it with the LAAD-MTP attached to the RIN10 to establish a reference point.

Once you’re ready to reference your point go ahead and hit reference on your OPL-MAX. It will prompt you, go ahead and click yes. This sequence should take about one minute.

The OPL will prompt you if you would like to use the same reference for the other side of the cable go ahead and continue. Click copy reference for your second sequence. The next will prompt you for return loss. Go ahead and click yes. click on reference and done. Once you’re done referencing your cable you detach from the LAAD-MTP and attach to your mating adapter.

Now that your reference cable is mated to the adapter we clean your test cable so the first side you are going to test we clean it with the MTP cleaner. Once you’re done cleaning your connector you insert it into the scope focus and inspect all 12 channels. Once you insured that all 12 fibers are clean your ready to mate against your reference cable. Now you’re ready to clean the opposite end of the cable you’re testing using your MTP cleaner. After you’re done inspecting the other end of your test cable we will insert it into the LAAD-MTP, which is attached to the RIN10.

Once you’ve tested the first connector, go ahead and detach the opposite side off the power meter and place aside. Detach the test cable from the mating adapter and insert it into the scope. Once the connector has been inspected and it is clean go ahead and insert the other site into the LAAD-MTP, which is attached to the power meter. You take your opposite end of your test cable and insert it in the scope. Insure that the connector is clean. Upon verification insert into your mating adapter, run your last test on OPL-MAX and that concludes your testing MTP.