OPLC-KIT Launch Condition Kit

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OptoTest LCKit FAFP
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Meeting critical launch condition requirements is often difficult or overlooked. With the OptoTest Launch Condition Kit, it is easier than ever to meet specifications for many common launch conditions. The OP-LCKIT produces a controlled launch and can be specified for common connector types (FC, SC, LC, etc.) with UPC or APC polish, fiber size (50µm, 62.5µm, etc.), and to meet launch conditions such as Encircled Flux, M80, or 70/70 fill.

For more information on Custom Launch Conditions contact OptoTest.

Product Features


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Product Specs

Insertion Loss* <0.15
Return Loss (850/1300nm) >45dB >50dB
Radius of curvature 14mm to 25mm 8mm to 12mm
Apex offset <30μm
Fiber height ± 50nm
Fiber core position (eccentricity) <0.6μm

* Insertion is based on connector only without mandrel wrap.