High Performance Reference Cables

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Even the highest quality test equipment can only perform as well as the reference cables it is used with. It can be simple to overlook the importance of the cable quality relative to the major cost of the test equipment, but customers can find themselves spending countless hours troubleshooting issues only for low quality cables to be the cause. Low quality cables can compromise the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of test results. For this reason, OptoTest offers High Performance Reference (HPR) Cables to use alongside your test equipment.

For multimode testing, standards bodies across the industry agree that non-BIMMF reference cables are crucial for maintaining the launch conditions needed to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. OptoTest is proud to be one of the few companies to use reference grade 50 µm fiber in our non-BIMMF reference cables.

For a limited time, stock up on this essential element of your test setup at a discounted rate – including 24-fiber fanout cables and non-BIMMF cables.

Limited Time Offer: June 11th through July 31st, 2020.
Orders placed before or after these dates do not qualify for this sale.

HPR Simplex Cables

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HPR MTP/MPO Cables – 12 and 24 Channels

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US Flag We proudly manufacture our equipment in our US-based ISO-9001:2015 facility in California.

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