OP-METS Multichannel Environmental Test Station



Multichannel Environmental Test Station

Used by industry leaders in fiber optic connector manufacturing, military, aviation, and academics, OptoTest’s Multichannel Environmental Test System (OP-METS) offers a fully customizable turnkey solution for long-term IL and RL testing with respect to environment. Each system is designed uniquely for each application and can be customized to meet almost any requirement. Regardless of equipment composition, every OP-METS provides the fastest and most accurate test experience in the industry.

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Fully Customized

There is an OP-METS for every need and every application. The OP-METS is comprised of a unique combination of units from the OptoTest line. If you need a system optimized for high channel counts, long-term testing, environmental testing, discontinuity, or any number of requirements, our expert team can help determine the best configuration for you.

Any Fiber, Any Connector, Any Wavelength

When designing an OP-METS, we ensure that all the chosen equipment is configured to work well together and give you the best test experience.

Single fiber connectors: FC, SC, LC, ST, E2000, etc.
Multifiber connectors: DLC, MPO/MTP, MXC, PRIZM-LT, etc.
Single mode and multimode wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm*

*Additional wavelengths are available as custom products. Contact OptoTest for more information.

Configure to Meet Environmental Testing Standards

When environmental testing on a new or redesigned connector is needed, the test system must often meet requirements set by different standards bodies. To ensure compliance to standards such as GR-326-CORE, GR-1435-CORE, and Verizon FOC, our expert team works with you to design an appropriate OP-METS that meets all the necessary requirements

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Meet Specific Launch Conditions

As discussed in our Application Note on MM testing [AN135], controlled launch conditions are crucial for ensuring accurate and repeatable IL measurements. All OptoTest sources designed for MM testing can be configured to meet IEC/TIA specifications. For an OP-METS with this requirement, OptoTest configures the source to meet the desired launch condition and ensures that the launch remains compliant through all elements of the system such as optical switches.

Hassle-Free RL Testing

As is the case with our standalone IL and RL meters, you can expect a simplified RL test experience for the operator with an OP-METS. No mandrels or index matching gel are needed and prior to delivery the system is tested as a whole to ensure the best user experience possible.

Rack Enclosure and On-Board Computer

Opt for housing your OP-METS in a 32U rack enclosure for the optimal testing experience. As we prepare your OP-METS, all equipment is tested together with the onboard PC and chosen software. Configurations are pre-built in the software on the PC for an experience that is turn-key ready out of the box.

We proudly design & manufacture our equipment in California, United States.

Power meter options:

IN1: 1mm InGaAs detector with 5 /8” Adapter
IN3: 3mm InGaAs detector with 5 /8” Adapter
IN5: 5mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
IN10:10mm InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
HP: 2mm High Power InGaAs detector with 5/8” Adapter
SI3: 3mm Silicon detector with 5/8” Adapter
R: Electrical port for Remote Head Detector

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Can be calibrated on-site, in-house or remotely

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OPL-Log is a data acquisition and logging software designed to perform timer-based, long-term data gathering. This logging capability makes OPL-Log well suited for the standards compliant long-term testing of fiber optic components often done with the OP-METS.


  • Automation:  OPL-Log is responsible for sending commands and recording data from the equipment in the OP-METS. Every step of the test process is fully controlled by OPL-Log, making your testing experience simple, repeatable, and reliable.

Integration with Third-Party Devices

By integrating with select environment monitoring devices, OPL-Log creates an all-in-one test system where information from the OP-METS and the environment are reported together. Create comprehensive test report for your optical components where IL and RL performance are shown relative to environmental readings that were captured concurrently. Contact OptoTest for more information about supported chambers and sensors.


Simultaneous Short-Term and Long-Term Testing

Your test system does not need to be out of commission when running tests that last hours or days. OptoTest can create configurations for OPL-Log and train your team to perform short-term testing without impacting an ongoing long-term test, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck from your OP-METS.

Sequential and Batch IL Measurements

Most measurements captured in OPL-Log are done so sequentially, stepping through each channel at a time. For applications that require simultaneous recording, OPL-Log has a Batch IL mode to capture IL readings from all channels of a single OPM instrument at once. You OptoTest team will ensure that your software and OP-METS is configured for this type of measurement if needed.

Designate Monitor Channels

With OPL-Log, you can specify monitor channels as a control for your environmental tests. These channels are subtracted out from others to remove source drift from measurement results. When monitor channels are used, the software outputs both the monitored data and raw data to the data file.


OP-METS Single Mode FTTX
Source Channels Up to 144 Channels (more upon request)
Insertion Loss Source (±30nm) 1310nm, 1550nm,
1490nm, 1625nm
850nm, 1300nm
Return Loss Source 1310nm,1550nm,
1490nm, 1625nm
9/125μm (SMF28)
Source Stability(1) ±0.02dB
Optical Power Meter Range IN1: +10dBm to -80dBm
IN3: +6dBm to -70dBm
SI3: +3dBm to -70dBm
IN5: +6dBm to -60dBm
IN10: 0dBm to -45dBm
Insertion Loss Accuracy(2) ±0.01dB
Return Loss Range -10dB to -80dB -10dB to -58dB
Return Loss Accuracy ±1dB

(1)Per hour, per temperature variation of 1ºC.
(2)At constant temperature with less than 10dB power fluctuation.

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