OP725 Bidirectional Test & Measurement Optical Switch

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Advancing the World of Fiber Optics™

The OP725 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications available in a slim-line, half-rack enclosure. This optical switch is USB powered and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching.  With high repeatability and low loss, the OP725 is ideally suited for bidirectional testing.

Paired with our OP940 Insertion & Return Loss Meter, operators can make quick work of measuring both ends of cables in a truly bidirectional manner.

Product Features

  • Compact, slim-line, fiber optic switch

  • MEMS technology, high reliability, long life

  • USB powered, no external power supply needed

  • Bright OLED for channel display

  • Interface to custom applications via OPL-SDK

  • High-speed USB interface for communication

  • 2×2 configuration streamlined for bidirectional testing

  • Controlled directly from an OP940 via USB link, or by the computer via software.

Product Specs

OP725 Single Mode – SW Multimode – SW
Channel Count 2×2 configuration only
Internal Fiber SMF28, 9/125 50/125 OR 62.5/125
Insertion Loss Typical/Max: 1.0dB/1.5dB (1) (2) (3)
Repeatability ± 0.003dB
Switching Time 10 msec via Software, 300 msec via OP940
Crosstalk >60dB
Optical Interface FC, SC (other upon request)
Power USB (less than 0.1A)
Dimensions 8.5″ x 1.75″ x 12″

(1) For 1310nm and 1550nm single mode, 850nm and 1300nm multimode.
(2) Includes connection loss and assumes reference quality connections.
(3) Multimode loss is specified for EF launch conditions.