OP720-Matrix High-Speed Non-Blocking Optical Switch

OP720-Matrix High-Speed Non-Blocking Optical Switch

Fast, Repeatable, and Wildly Configurable Low Loss Optical Switch

OP720 Matrix


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The OP720-Matrix is a high-speed MEMS 3D optical matrix switch whose non-blocking design allows for simultaneous connection of multiple optical fibers with high repeatability and low loss. Available with up to 96 x 96 channels when configured for Any Input to Any Output, and up to 48 ports when configured for Any Port to Any Port, the OP720-Matrix can expand and add flexibility to your existing fiber optic test system, or be used to create a new test system with endless possibilities.


3D Tilting MEMS Mirror Matrix Technology

Maintains bidirectional connectivity of active channels while others are being connected and routed. Provides high-speed, reliability, and long life, with no large moving parts that can wear out over time. 

Customizable to Meet Your Testing Needs

Available with up to 96 x 96 channels when specified in Any Input to Any Output configuration. Available with up to 48 ports when specified in Any Port to Any Port configuration. Both configurations can incorporate your choice of ST, FC, SC, LC, and other optical interfaces, and offer scalable solutions to meeting future testing requirements without the need for additional equipment.

Fast Switching Times with High Repeatability

The switching time of the Any Input to Any Output version is less than 20ms, with repeatability of less than 0.06dB. The Any Port to Any Port version has a switching time of 25ms, with repeatability of 0.1dB.

Supports OPL-SDK Test Automation

Use OPL-SDK to integrate the OP720-Matrix with your custom software.

USB and Ethernet Communication Enable Software Control

Using the Software Development Kit, the OP720 can be remotely controlled and integrated into custom software for instrument control and automated test and measurement.

* Ethernet available upon request


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Signal Conditioning and Routing for Transceiver Testing

Network Routing and Monitoring

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OPL-SDK Test Automation

Use OPL-SDK to integrate the OP720-Matrix with your custom software.

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Can be calibrated on-site, in-house or remotely.

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OP720-Matrix | Any Input to Any Output
Port Count up to 96×96 (single mode) 16×16 (multimode)
Internal Fiber SMF28, 9/125
Insertion Loss <1.4dB
Repeatability <0.06dB
Switching Time <20ms
Crosstalk <-55dB
Optical interface ST, FC, SC, LC (other upon request)


OP720-Matrix | Any Port to Any Port
Port Count 48
Fiber Type SMF28, 9um
Typical Insertion Loss 1.0dB
Maximum Loss 2.0dB
Repeatibility 0.1dB
Switching Time 25ms
 Wavelength Range 1270nm to 1675nm
Return Loss <50dB
 Max Power  27dBm


Dimensions Up to 48 ports (2U): 19” x 3.5” x 12” | More than 48 ports (4U): 19” x 7” x 20”
Power Supply 90VAC … 264VAC; 47Hz to 63Hz; 0.7Amps (115VAC) 0.4Amps (230VAC); Fuse: T1A, 250V
Warm-up time 5-15 minutes
Operating Temperature 5℃ to 50℃
Maximum Relative humidity* 95%

* For temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.

Specifications are subject to change, please confirm specific performance characteristics of the product at the time of ordering. All specifications are valid within temperature range of 18ºC to 24ºC unless otherwise noted. For additional specifications please contact OptoTest.


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