Duplex LC Adapter – Testing Insertion Loss of cables terminated with Unibody LCs and LC connectors

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OptoTest’s Duplex LC adapter is designed for testing insertion loss of cables terminated with Unibody LCs and LC connectors that are clipped together. This video will provide quick instructions on how to mount the adapter and move between positions A and B.

The Duplex LC ships with a threaded ring and a hex wrench. Remove the threaded ring from the back of the Duplex LC adapter using the hex wrench to loosen the two set-screws (top and bottom). Once both screws are loosened, the threaded ring should be easy to remove.

Screw the threaded ring onto the detector. Take extra precautions, as the detector is extremely fragile and will be exposed during this step.

Place the Duplex LC adapter over the threaded ring and use hex wrench to tighten the set screws to lock it into place.

To switch between the two sides of the duplex LC connector, pull away from the front section of the adapter and move it to the right or to the left, allowing the magnetic interface to guide it into alignment. As before, it is important to be careful when switching channels of the Duplex LC as each time the channel is switched, the detector is briefly exposed to the air.